Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trend alert: wide-brimmed floppy felt hats

Trend alert! I must have missed the memo, because I was looking through lookbook's "hot" page today and one thing kept appearing, and reappearing, and reappearing (though I've never seen much of it before): wide brimmed floppy felt hats.

Now, I am OBSESSED with straw hat (a peek at my collection coming soon), but I think these make a nice alternative and they look equally good in cold seasons.

What I think is coolest about them, though, is how they are somehow classic and elegant yet boho and sloppy at the same time. Impossibly versatile.

See for yourself . . .

(all looks embedded from - do hype any you like)

(Recognize that ^ dress from my post on coral-reef inspired fashion? I love it.)

(This look ^ may be my favorite for it's sheer chic put-together-ness.)

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