Monday, February 21, 2011

What I wore today: 02/21/2011 (inspired by the movie Pretty Baby)

One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren of Blooming Leopold Vintage, recommended the 1978 film Pretty Baby for it's gorgeous costumes and dark atmosphere. I put it on my Netflix instant cue and last night I watched it. It was quite interesting and beautiful. The subject matter is quite serious and parts of the film are disturbing, but what's not disturbing are the black tights and white cotton dresses.

I was inspired by the movie when I picked out what I wore today. (Of course, I had to wear a cardigan since it's quite cold here right now, this not being New Orleans, where the film takes place.)

Cardigan: Forever 21
Blouse and skirt: thrifted (Goodwill in south Austin)
Tights and shoes: Target?

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