Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Valentine-y crafts and a night at the Ballet

Last night, Ryan and I went to see Cincinnati Ballet perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. I wore a vintage 1960s dress that I got at an antique mall and a pari of satin ballet-inspired flats with ribbon ties.

As we were walking downtown from our parked car to the theater, my brother called. It turned out that he and his girlfriend were going to the show too and he was calling to tell me that he'd just proposed to her! I'm incredibly happy, because they've been dating for a long time and are so good together and she's an incredibly cool chic, who I can't wait to call my sister.

The ring, by the way, is incredibly gorgeous and unique. Check it out.
(Aren't Jenn's nails cute too?)

This morning, I did a few last minute crafts for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I decoupaged this box for Ryan to store my love letters and postcards in. (He keeps them on a shelf now) I used more magazine heart cutouts like I used in the garlands I made.

Then, as I packed his lunch for work tomorrow, I included a special treat.

It was a Martha Stewart idea to roll the strawberries in pistachios. How cute! Ryan loves pistachios, so I thought it would be perfect, even though mine aren't quite as pretty as Martha's

Well, now I'm off to Jungle Jim's to buy ingredients for our Valentine's dinner. (More Martha Stewart recipes, of course)

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