Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011 makes me salivate!

Alright, make no mistake, while my body remains firmly in the heartland, my mind/heart/soul have been in New York all week watching the Fall 2011 shows. However, I haven't mentioned them as I've been writing less about designers and trends lately and more about DIY, as per your requests.

I want this blog to be personal and stand out in the overly-saturately fashion blogosphere, and the only way to do that, to make Fashion is Evolution unique, is to bring myself to it. There are other bloggers covering the runway and doing a far better job that I could, but only I can cover my own perspective on fashion, and so I've been sticking to that.

That being said, I cannot help but mention to you the Fall 2011 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti collection, as I love it so much that it feels personal.

Looks like color will stick around past spring and into fall this year, though Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti is more interested in sweet pastels that blinding brights (me too!) Those sweet candy hues look good enough to eat and I love the sleek bouffants the retro matchy-matchy-ness of the outfits (very 1960s, no?). The models looked like Betty Draper sans dark side, like the fashion world's answer to petit fours.

And I freaking love petit fours -- I've been obsessed with them since I read Happy Birthday Samantha and insisted on them for my 7th birthday party.

And the pastel fur! LOVE!

And the shoes! Those triple-strapped satin mary janes with square-ish toes and clunky heels! For God's sake, the shoes!

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