Sunday, October 26, 2014

What I wore today: 10/20/2014 (High Line)

High Line

This fall, I bought myself my first ever nice wool coat. I think my taste has finally evolved to the point where I can invest in something like this, and I'm really happy with my choice of this lovely bi-tonal coat from Madewell. Lately, I feel like I could just live in Madewell. 

Ryan took these photos of my on the High Line, the lovely new(isn) green space that runs through Chelsea along an old rail-line they were going to tear down. It's a real coup too because, other than Central Park, New York is really lacking in good parks. I guess it's hard to keep any space in Manhattan from quickly turning into a building. 

As far as green space goes, I'm really spoiled living in Northside here in Cincinnati because there are several preserved forests within the city just walking distance from my home as well as an incredible cemetery/arboretum. Anyway, the High Line is really special. I'd like to run on it the next time we go to New York. 

High Line
High Line

Coat - Madewell
Hat - Anthropologie
Sweater - Phillip Lim for Target
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Free People
Bag - thrifted


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