Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries with Black Pepper Marshmallow Sauce

Sweet Potato Fries and Black Pepper Marshmallow Sauce

When I decided to make small bites inspired by classic Thanksgiving dishes for our friendsgiving cocktail party, the first idea that came to mind was sweet potato fries. I knew immediately that should be served with some kind of marshmallow sauce to complete the Thanksgiving flavor profile. Figuring out how that could not be disgusting became the challenge. 

Some people are completely against eating marshmallows on sweet potatoes in the first place because they say it's too sweet. I agree that it often is to sweet, but, the way I make them, they have a bunch of lime juice to cut through the syrupiness. I decided to follow a similar strategy here by finding something that would cut through the sweet. I decided on black pepper. 

What follows is a recipe that sounds really gross, but was actually quite a hit at the party. If you are adventurous and crave a spin on a classic Thanksgiving dish, read on.

Sweet Potato Fries and Black Pepper Marshmallow Sauce

I bought frozen sweet potato fries and baked them. For 10 small, shot-glass servings, I used 18 oz sweet potato fries and the following sauce recipe.

1 tub marshmallow fluff
About 1/3 cup mayonaise
Way more black pepper than seems reasonable

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk. That's it. 

Sweet Potato Fries and Black Pepper Marshmallow Sauce

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