Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Recipe: Mini Green Bean Casseroles & Mac and Cheese Cups

Mini Green Bean Casseroles in mason jars

For our friendsgiving cocktail party, I wanted to serve lots of mini, appitizer-y, cocktail-y versions of Thanksgiving favorites. I've found that the easiest way to party-i-fy anything is to make a tiny version of it in an individual cup (example). So I served mac and cheese cups and classic green bean casserole in small mason jars (I told you I'd be using those again soon!) 

The mac and cheese cups are made by adding an egg to a standard mac and cheese recipe and baking it in muffin tins. The egg helps the cups hold their shape. What's great about these is that there's more surface area so everyone can enjoy the yummy, browned, crispy, edge serving. Ryan announced, one-bite-in, that he never wanted to each mac and cheese any other way. 

For the green bean casseroles, I followed the classic Campbell's recipe, baking it in mason jars instead of a casserole dish (the recipe makes enough to fill 12 small mason jars). Since they were smaller servings, I adjusted the bake time a little. Instead of baking the casseroles for 25 minutes and an additional 5 after adding the crispy onions, I baked them for 15 and an additional 5. 

Mac and Cheese Cups

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