Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last weekend in Instagrams

It was an interesting weekend. On Friday, Ryan and I attended the grand opening of Streetpops storefront. They started out last summer as a little card and Ryan and quickly became obsessed after trying their avocado and cucumber jalapeño popsicles at this event.

After that, I began to develop a headache, but, thinking it was nothing, we continued on to have dinner with our friends where it got worse and worse . . .

On Saturday, I pushed through the headache that had stuck around, so that I could participate in a reading for Swan Day (Support Women in the Arts Now) and spend some time with the boys. But, it soon became clear that I absolutely needed to lie down . . .

By Sunday, it was so bad I could barely sit up for a meal. I'd tried several kinds of pain medication, but nothing helped. I even tried allergy medication, since it seemed to be a sinus headache and the pollen is really bad this year. But nothing helped.

Yesterday, figuring it must be a sinus infection, I started antibiotics, and it's already starting to feel better, though I still can't stand for very long periods of time.

Anyway, it was a good weekend except for the headache, and I got some good shots in before it started and during that first day when it wasn't so bad.

So many tempting flavored at Streetpops
Our new obsession. We tried it at lunch today and immediately bought 4 six packs. We went with Thai basil lime and blueberry merlot. Both were amazing.
Street pops and record shops, Final Friday in OTR
A magical courtyard hidden behind an unassuming busing in OTR
I took part in a reading for SWAN day - Support Women in the Arts Now
Day four of the never-ending headache. I've taken every kind of pain killer and nothing helps. Weeeee!
The boys are excited to climb on Ryan.
Owen's lemon face
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