Saturday, December 27, 2014

What I wore today: 12/25/2014 (Cozy Christmas Day)

Christmas Day Outfit

I'm going to take a stand today and admit something you may find shocking: I like Ugg boots. I'm not ashamed of it. And yes, they are warm as hell, and yes they are comfortable, but here's the real heart of the issue: I like the way they look!

Sometimes you like ugly things and that's okay. However, I think the real thing that makes people react so strongly against Uggs isn't how ugly they are, but the fact that they are associated with being basic. 

But, you know what, I think it's okay to like some basic things and not worry about people labeling you a basic bitch. Just like it's okay to like some hipster things and not freak out if people call you a hipster. Just like what you like. Real people don't fall one-hundred-percent into stereotypes, but they also don't usually avoid stereotypical traits altogether. 

Here are some things I like that I am not ashamed of...

– Polaroid camera
– Taylor Swift's new album
– Vinyl records
– Bob Evan's pot roast
– Thick-framed glasses
– Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co.
– Mason jars 
– Starbucks
– Antlers 

Merry Christmas, everybody. 

Christmas Day Outfit
Christmas Day Outfit
Christmas Day Outfit
Christmas Day Outfit

Jeans – Gap
Lace camisole – Free People
Split-back top – Anthropologie
Boots – Ugg


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