Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Office Wish List

Home Office Wish List

With all of the work I do from home, it's so exciting to finally have a home office. At the moment, it's still just a chair and desk surrounded by boxes and random piles of things, but I've already spent hours at my desk writing, recording podcasts, and editing photos.

As with the rest of the house, I'm trying to balance masculine elements with feminine ones and harder things with soft pieces. For my home office, I've been drawn to lots of white, gold, and lucite, with bits of unbleached canvas and dark wood to keep things grounded.

Having a space of my own to focus on my writing and other projects feels like such a luxury, and my biggest hope is that working in a fresh, dedicated space will help keep me motivated, focused, and inspired as I continue to make strides toward my goal of supporting myself full time with my writing.

01. Target, 02. Terrain, 03. IKEA, 04. Anthropologie, 05. Madewell, 06. Target & Target, 07. Target, 08. Anthropologie, 09. Madewell, 10. Madewell, 11. Anthropologie

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