Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Wedding (In Instagrams)

So in love, such a happy day. #ryanandceleste #wedding

Our wedding. There are no words. The ceremony and the moments I shared with Ryan just after were the happiest of my life. We're both completely blissed out right now. I can't imagine a more fun, beautiful, meaningful wedding, and I feel so grateful for all the incredible moments and memories.

I absolute can't wait to show you the beautiful photos and video that Braun Photography and Studio Z Films shot, but, until then, I don't want to leave you hanging. So, here are some highlights of the day, as told in Instagrams.

My bouquet (and an early wedding gift)! #ryanandceleste
Instagram by Kellycollette, Photo by Cameron Braun
#latergram - Ryan and Niko after the ceremony #ryanandceleste (captured by Leah)
Treats - #yum #wedding #ryanandceleste
Instagram by Kellycollette
Table deats - #wedding #ryanandceleste
Married!!! #ryanandceleste
So glad our favors were a hit! Thank you for giving these guys homes, everyone!
Feeding each other mini powdered donuts after cutting our cake - #wedding #ryanandceleste #yum
Our drinks were so yummy. #yum #wedding #ryanandceleste
Instagram by Kellycollette
My bouquet is hung up, the wedding is over; let married life begin! #ryanandceleste

All photos come my my instagram account (here) or my maid of honor Kelly's account (here). The girls-in-snow photo was snapped by Cameron Braun with Kelly's phone. The photos of Ryan and I feeding each other and dancing were snapped by our friend Amanda Culver Simons, and the photo of Ryan and Niko was snapped by Ryan's sister Leah Villegas. 

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  1. Everything looks absolutely lovely, Celeste! Your gown is amazing. You look like you walked off the set of Downton Abbey. Congrats! Many happy years.