Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Hostess Gift: Painted-Wood Dessert Spoons

DIY Hand-painted wooden dessert spoons

I have a real thing for cute spoons. These acrylic ones are my favorite. I keep one at work that I use to eat my greek yogurt every morning for breakfast, and I really feel like it makes the eating experience more enjoyable. Plus I have a weird thing where I don't like eating yogurt with a metal spoon.

Anyway, when I saw these cheap wooden teaspoons at Hobby Lobby, I thought they'd be a lot of fun to paint. I decorated each with a different pattern using a Sharpie paint pen. I like the way the mismatch set looks together, but I also think they look really cute tied around a pint of ice-cream as a nice addition to a hostess gift.

DIY Hand-painted wooden dessert spoons
DIY Hand-painted wooden dessert spoons

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