Sunday, March 11, 2012

My weekend in Instagrams

It's been quite a full weekend and, even though the weekend is technically not over, I'm using Sunday to recover, catch up, and tidy up.

We spent Friday night in, getting cozy, and I made a mobile for my still-a-bun-in-the-oven nephew. Yesterday was full to the brim with brunch, a baby shower, and a very strange antique-shop comedy show followed by some bar hopping with friends in our neighborhood.

Ryan had to wake up at 5 this morning, which felt like 4 because of the time change. Poor darling, he is such a trooper.

If this weekend had I theme, I would say it's about how it's finally beginning to look and feel like spring. Baby animals and baby boys, flowers popping up everywhere, lots of sunshine...

It's springing.
I love pretty chalkboards.
Outfit up on the blog tomorrow
What I wore to the #babyshower - a bunny ring and a DIY ring made from melted crayons (tutorial on blog now) full outfit post coming soon.
I made a mobile for my nephew. #babyshower
Another shot of the mobile I made #babyshower
This is what a comedy show in an antique store looks like.
@fohlr in my yellow sunglasses and handling devil hat. He cracks me up.
I'm proud to call Northside home #yourneighbourhood #yourneighborhood #marchphotoaday

Outfit posts from the weekend coming tomorrow and Tuesday!

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