Sunday, March 27, 2011

Making Paris-inspired aprons and yummy yum yums

As promised, I've made two Paris-themed aprons to contribute to the awesome themed-apron collective projects started by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken.

I also recently ate the following deliciousness that I wanted to share with you...

Inspired by Pushing Daisies, pear pie with gruyère baked into the crust

Baguette with spiced garlic olive oil and red wine vinegar

* * *

Okay, now, here's how I made the aprons...

First, I created the patterns by drawing freehand and holding bits up to my body.

For the red and blue apron, I basically just cut a curve into the corner of a rectangle of fabric that was about the right size.

For the red and blue apron, I sewed the waistband and turned it.

I sewed the patterned piece to the red lining and sandwiched red piping in between.

Then I sewed the waistband to the apron skirt. Easy peasy, eh?

On to the map apron. I made two pieces for the mock collar and ironed them flat.

I sandwiched them across the top of the apron bib piece and its black lining.

Then, I stitched bias tape to both sides and extended it to form neck ties.

I ironed down a double fold on the edges of the heart-shaped pocket pieces.

I stitched the top curved parts of the heart-shaped pockets...

...and topstitched the V-shaped bottoms to the front piece of the bib skirt.

After stitching the front skirt to the black lining I turned it and ironed everything so it would lay flat.

I wanted to sandwich black piping into the edge of the skirt like I did on the red and blue skirt but I didn't have enough, and, as my car is still in the shop, I couldn't run out to get more. As a substitution, I ironed the skirt so that a bit of black showed all around the edge. I think it looks quite nice.

Well, here're the finished products.

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