Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sexy side slits: sexy or skanky?

First things first: this is my 100th blog post. I started the blog in July and since then it's been visited by over a thousand people from all over the world (just this week, I've had visitors from Bahrain, Croatia, and Finland, among other countries). I have to say I've been amazed at the following I've gained so far and I want to thanks all of you for reading. I hope you will continue to read and comment with your thoughts and suggestions. Now, onto discussing this latest controversial trend.

Sexy side slits (alliteration much?) have been cropping up on the red carpet lately, and not to my delight. I'm all for thigh-high slits in skirt. I think it's super sexy. For example, Angelina Jolie looked incredible in this Versace number she wore last week at a Tourist premiere.

However, when a slit slides down a woman's entire side, including her hip (showing explicitly her missing undergarments), the whole effect is just a little to obvious for me. Rather than looking sexy and confident, the woman in question just looks like a porn star.

Exhibit A: Jessica Stroup

Exhibit B: Gwyneth Paltro

And Gwyneth of all people usually looks so elegant and classy. What on earth convinced her that that dress would be a good idea?

Compare if you will Gwyneth's dress and Angelina's. Both are a lovely winter white, both sport seasonally-appropriate long sleeves, both have a sexy slit, but only one looks elegant and classy.


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