Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Style Like U

I've recently become slightly obsessed with Stylelikeu.com, a website that hosts video tours of closets of fashionable people. There is an emphasis on individuality over haute-couture-type fashion, and most of the stuff is second hand, handmade, or unique in some other way.

Here are some of my favorite closets that I discovered today:

Alessandra Calabi grew up in Milan, where stylishness is second nature, so she "never really thought of [her]self as into fashion." She describes her style as a "French schoolboy," wears exclusively black flats on her feet and also mixes up nice clothing with something more casual to keep from look "too smart."

Ashley Shaw, who works as an accessories assistant for Instyle Magazine (hello dream job!), wears lipstick all the time and has a kind of old-Hollywood movie star meets glamorous mess look.

Ally McCormack, like me, has a love of plaid and a kind of sophisticated schoolgirl look. Having grown up on old movies, she has a passion for the glamor of vintage clothing.


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